One for the bucket list?

I talk about the chocolate world opening its doors to you once you consider chocolate as a business – but what about travelling the world in the name of chocolate? 

Did you know that Hotel Chocolat bought the oldest cocoa plantation in St Lucia; the Rabot Estate, they also built a luxury spa, chocolate-inspired boutique hotel there too; The Boucan Hotel which is the trip I’ve put at the top of my bucket list!

They offer ‘tree to bar’ experiences – where you visit the plantation and see first-hand how they cultivate, grow and harvest the crops and turn it into magical chocolate!

Just take a look at the Boucan Hotel attached to the Estate – I can just imagine a dip in that pool, with the scent of chocolate on the air, can’t you?

All in the name of research too!

PS:  If your budget doesn’t stretch to St Lucia just yet, you can get a taste of the restaurant in Borough Market in London – I went for a special birthday and every course is chocolate-inspired.  It was truly amazing.

Choc moose trio for pud!