Discover the 10 ESSENTIAL STEPS to get more customers to ‘stick’ around and spend more often

WARNING: This workshop may contain chocolate…….

“It costs 5 times or more to find a new customer than to sell to an existing one”  Chartered Institute of Marketing

Enlightened business owners know that looking after existing customers properly prevents problems, increases income and stops ‘issues’ rearing their ugly head at the most inconvenient moment.

Customer service should not be a reactive, fire extinguishing exercise, it can be up front, pro-active and put in place before things go wrong.

Do it really well and not only will customers stick around, but they will also be recommending your products and services to others….

It’s all about relationships  What needs to be in place in your business to build a level of trust and loyalty with each customer that is invaluable to create a harmonious work / life balance and give ALL your customers a great experience. 

What do you learn?

In this one-day workshop, Dawn breaks down exactly what needs to happen in your business into simple steps that will help you build better relationships with your clients:

  • The way you think will change everything
  • Understand more about your customers
  • How to create a business personality that is not bland, vanilla and predictable
  • Why we have two ears and only one mouth
  • Make first impressions count
  • Spot the best opportunities for building relationships on the telephone,  face-to-face, at events or via the mighty pen!
  • Enjoy a ‘sticky’ experience first-hand (yes it may contain chocolate) – a great potential ‘swipe and deploy’ tactic for relationship building in your business?
  • Create a personal plan of action to start implementing straight away
  • Discover ‘100 Ways to WOW’ your customer

What do others think?

 “Having ‘time out’ from everyday work to really focus on what we do and why we do it was amazing! The session has reinvigorated my desire to help and wow customers and to make a difference to someone’s day. Dawn is excellent at making you think about things in a different way – lots of light bulb moments for me!”  Sarah, Membership organisation, Solihull
“We found the experience both enjoyable and informative. Your love of what you do, coupled with an interesting concept, helped both engage the team and allow them to work effectively together in pursuit of a common goal. It created an excellent atmosphere from which we have been able to harness that energy to drive on the rest of the programme and I would be happy to recommend this to other businesses.” Tim Drew, Seed technology company, Kings Lynn
“It was fantastic, a great workshop and staff are still talking about it now. Thank you so much.” Wendy, Head Teacher, Kent

Message from Dawn


“I really care about giving people the best possible experiences – that’s a totally genuine mission of mine, not just lip service! It’s not just because I give them chocolate either, but the specific steps I take to ensure I create good, lasting relationships and ‘sticky’ customers. Customers that come back time and time again; tell everyone else about what a good time they had, and even bring new people back with them.

I’m delighted to share my top 10 steps, which you can implement in your business right away and start to get ‘sticky customers’ too. And you don’t even have to use chocolate (but it might just help)!

 So….What’s it going to cost?

  • What price would you put on keeping hold of more customers?
  • Their lifetime value if your customers came back for more?
  • Encouraging word of mouth referrals – the best form of marketing you can get?
  • The peace of mind that means customer issues encroaching on your personal life become a thing of the past?
  • And to top it all – what if you went home with chocolate!

We truly are on a mission to encourage as many people as possible to build great relationships with their customers and ultimately enjoy a better life – freed from the hassles and aggravation that not delivering a good enough service brings.

To share our top tips for getting sticky customers is an investment of £199 per person (discounts for larger groups available).

Also included is...

  • A comprehensive workbook containing top tips, relevant links, case-studies and recommended reading – an invaluable resource to refer to time and again back in the workplace
  • An agreed, measurable personal action plan to start on right away
  • A yummy chocolate workshop experience – take away your own hand-made creations at the end of the day
  • Tea, coffee, refreshments and lunch!

9.30am – 5.00pm

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