School Events

Kick start your chocolate curriculum activities with a school chocolate workshop!  Educational and fun – suitable for either teacher-based events (such as inset days) or as part of classroom activities with the children!

NEW!  Enterprise Days for Secondary School pupils.

Chocolate is a fabulous topic – a perfect way to excite and engage children, and it covers so many areas of the curriculum. If your topic includes the Mayan’s, being as they were the first people to discover chocolate, this links perfectly to a chocolate-themed workshop event too!

Apart from the obvious hook of chocolate as a special treat, it has a fascinating history (did you know that ladies were not allowed to consume chocolate at all during the rule of Astec Emperor Montezuma!), the process of turning a cocoa bean into a chocolate bar is an incredible series of events. Firstly, it brings the geography and the environment it grows in to life; we can explore the chemical structure of chocolate, as the art of ‘tempering’ chocolate properly is a scientific feat. The flavour combinations and versatility of chocolate – it can be used both as savoury and sweet ingredient, as well as the design element of creating a cover to depict the special flavours contained inside a chocolate bar and even some maths, when we work out the most popular chocolate in the class! So many learning outcomes can be achieved with one simple and delicious topic!

Inset Days for teaching staff

Educational, delicious and fun – mini workshops that cover the history of chocolate, the bean to bar story, chocolate tasting – as well as making some delicious chocolates to take away!

Prices from £25 per person with a minimum of 20 participants

Whole School or Classroom Activities 

Working with the whole school we can deliver talks and tastings covering the history of chocolate, the bean to bar story with real cocoa products to try and well as tasting couverture chocolates and explaining the significance of cocoa content and other interesting chocolate facts!

With a maximum of 30 children, we can also offer classroom specific activities, such as piping lollipops, designing a chocolate bar – as well as the other activities listed above.

Prices from £175 (for a tasting-only event)
For chocolate workshops, please request our information pack.

Useful information

We can supply your school with powerpoint presentations on the history of chocolate and the bean to bar story – for ongoing use by the school and children.

We are fully covered by public liability insurance and have Food Hygiene Certification.  We will supply a risk assessment for your event.

What previous schools have said:

“Dawn was helpful and approachable from our initial enquires, right through to the event and providing support for further teaching after the workshops. The day was just what we were looking for, allowing the children to be hands-on and creative in a structured way, with informative and concise teaching alongside this. It was so lovely to welcome someone into our school who worked so wonderfully with the children, as well as engaging the adults too! Highly recommended.”

Steven, Year 4 Teacher, Didcot, Oxfordshire

Here’s 58 Thank You letters we received recently from a whole year group we worked with in support of their chocolate project:

“I would like to offer a huge thank you on behalf of all the staff and children. We thoroughly enjoyed our workshops, with some of the children so excited that they declared it “the best day ever!” The chocolate used for the lollies was delicious. We all loved the chocolate tasting.

Your delivery was perfect – so friendly and warm – and pitched exactly right for our children. We had a super day which really enriched our chocolate topic. Thank you so much!”

Jo, Year 3/4 Teacher, Bedfordshire

“It was fantastic, a great workshop and staff are still talking about it now. Thank you so much.”

Wendy, Head teacher, Kent

“Thank you so much for a really fun day yesterday, the children really enjoyed it and we have lots of work we can produce from your workshop.  Thank you for the Power Point presentations I will definitely use those next week.”

Holly, Classroom teacher, Slough


Please email or call Dawn on 07966 365515 for further information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.