Welcome to my blog……”from chocolate with love”

Chocolate got me started……and I’ve definitely learned how to love, myself better mostly, and now I try and use chocolate to spread the love around, whether that be at a workshop, helping you to boost your confidence or having a go at the running a business thing yourself.

Sometimes it’s working out want you don’t want…..

We all love the chocolate, but for me it was a love of the good brown stuff AND people that shaped the way The Melting Pot came into being.

I never wished to stand around the chocolate tanks making stuff to sell, stuck on my own and without the company of others. 

And realising what you do…….

I love hosting; a drinks, a dinner party a cuppa and a catch up, I’m there, so it seemed a natural thing to want to start using chocolate workshop-style and inviting others to come along and make some treats under my instructions.

That was over 10 years ago and now it feels the right time to start from chocolate with love.

Delightful tales from the chocolate tanks, food, drinks, experiences, the people, the past, the present and the future – if I love it, am intrigued or excited by it, it’s going to be featured here. 

Dawn xxx